The Saramonic Blink 500 ProX B2R is half the price of a standard mic system

Apr 17, 2024
Sagiv Gilburd

The Saramonic is a wireless microphone system for up to two people. For just $229, it is one of the best bang-for-the-buck systems you can…

Saramonic WiTalk review – a hubless intercom for production teams

Mar 5, 2024
Sagiv Gilburd

If you have ever worked as a part of a production team, you know that the communication struggle on set is real. Many teams use…

The Saramonic Blink500 B2+ outputs to two devices simultaneously

Feb 26, 2024
John Aldred

Saramonic has announced the Saramonic Blink500 B2+ (buy here). It’s the successor to the company’s popular Saramonic Blink 500 B2 (buy here), if the name…

Hands on with the Saramonic WiTalk

Sep 29, 2023
John Aldred

Communication can be difficult when working on a set with multiple people all over the place. You often resort to yelling or using loud and…

The Saramonic Blink Me is the cutest wireless microphone in the world

Sep 28, 2023
Udi Tirosh

Saramonic just introduced the Blink ME, an innovative wireless microphone system (buy here). The Blink ME has all the features you would expect from a…

The best field recorders to buy in 2023

Aug 7, 2023
John Aldred

Having a good audio recorder in the field is invaluable for any filmmaker. (a.k.a. a field recorder or a portable recorder). Audio makes up half…

Saramonic BlinkMe wireless mics sport an innovative touchscreen OLED

May 20, 2023
John Aldred

Saramonic recently announced the new Saramonic BlinkMe (buy here) wireless microphone system. Like many small wireless microphone systems before it, it operates on public 2.4…

DIYP reviews the Saramonic MixMic powered XLR microphone adapter

Jun 27, 2017
John Aldred

Switching from the built in microphone to one that sits on top of the camera is the first step in getting quality sound. Whether it’s…

How and why to use a Rode VideoMic as a wireless boom microphone

Feb 20, 2017
John Aldred

Boomed shotgun mics are my preferred method of recording audio. Lav mics are great, but for interviews and talky pieces to camera, they really don’t…

DIYP Reviews the Saramonic UwMic9 Dual Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit

Dec 16, 2016
John Aldred

Getting good quality audio is often the biggest challenge faced by DSLR & mirrorless video shooters. The microphones built into most cameras are notoriously bad….