Give ‘Em A Spin – A Fun Family Photography Project

Give 'Em A Spin - A Fun Family Photography ProjectUPDATE: Hey this is fun, however (as some commenters indicated), it may be risky to young joint if you’re spinning to fast. Holding your loved one under the elbow is safer.

This is by far one of the most fun family projects ever featured on DIYP. (Oh yea, I said this on the title).

We all know what kids like best – spinning. The only thing that kids love even more than spinning is sharing the spinning pleasure with a family member spin Dad till he passes out.

Fortunately for us photogs, spinning creates a great panning like effect. But wait how can you spin and take the image, I mean both hands are holding your precious one.

Reader Mr Din has figure out the secret. Learn how to spin and photograph your kid in 5 easy steps.

1. Create a Chest-o-Strap

Give 'Em A Spin - A Fun Family Project This is actually where the DIY part comes in:

a. With a strong fabric, create a Hexagon shape like the one in the image on the left (click for bigger size).

The width of the strap should be a little bigger than your camera and length should be a little smaller than your torso.

b. This is the first “fun part”- cut a hole just bigger than your lens in the middle of the strap. The hole needs to be just a bit bigger than your lens because you are going to place your lens in that hole. More about that in a second.

c. If you have sewing skills sew a luggage strap to the ends of the strap.

2. Wear The Chest-o-Strap

Give 'Em A Spin - A Fun Family Project Not that easy, my friend. However we have a picture to assist.

Place your camera lens inside the hole you created in step one. Now, wear the strap. Click the luggage clip behind your back and adjust the length.

If this is a big SLR, you may want to wear the strap first and only then place the SLR inside.

The image on the left shows a big DSLR, but this will also work with a smaller point and shoot, just make the hole smaller.

3. Adjust Camera Settings

Set your camera on shutter priority (that TV for canon users).A shutter speed of 1/40 should be find but you may have to go a bit up or down depending on your spinning speed.

4. Remotely Triggering The Camera

OK, a small obstacle, but one that you can easily overcome with one of the following options:

  • Use a release cable combined with burst mode. Don’t have a release cable? Build one yourself, or use a dead mouse.
  • Use the self timer function.
  • Use a remote trigger (like pocket wizard) and ask one of the blurry persons around to trigger the camera for you.

5. Spin! Spin! Spin!

Give 'Em A Spin - A Fun Family Project

Get out to the yard. Hold both hands with your friend, son, daughter, wife or hubby and spin till you drop.

If are using a release cable (the best option) set your camera on slow burst mod, lock the release button and spin away. Sort the good images from the bad ones later.

Give 'Em A Spin - A Fun Family Photography Project