L Mount

The Fotodiox RhinoCam Vertex shoots medium format images on L mount cameras

Sep 27, 2023
John Aldred

Medium-format digital photography is expensive. There’s no two ways around it. Digital large format isn’t even really a thing outside of scanning backs, either. But…

Panasonic adds four lenses to its Lumix S L mount roadmap

Aug 25, 2023
John Aldred

Panasonic has released its August 2023 lens roadmap for the Pansonic Lumix S series interchangeable lenses for L mount cameras. While they are Panasonic lenses,…

Panasonic says new entry-level and high-end L mount cameras & lenses on the way

Aug 22, 2023
John Aldred

Panasonic recently had a chat with Camera Beta at Photo & Imaging 2023 in China. The company has said that new entry-level and high-end L…

Samyang and Astrodesign join the L-Mount Alliance

Jul 14, 2023
John Aldred

The L mount alliance, initially developed by Leica and launched with the trio containing Leica, Panasonic and Sigma, has just received its 6th and 7th…

The first Sigma 14mm f/1.4 images have leaked and it’s massive

Jun 7, 2023
John Aldred

It’s not much of a surprise that this lens was going to be huge. Just the concept of a 14mm f/1.4 brings up a very…

Specs leak for upcoming Sigma 14mm f/1.4 lens for E and L mounts

May 19, 2023
John Aldred

For now, you might want to take this one with at least a little pinch of salt, but specs have been posted online for an…

Leica’s new 100-400mm f/5-6.3 looks like a rehoused Sigma at twice the price

Mar 10, 2023
John Aldred

Leica has announced a new addition to its SL system (L mount) lens lineup. It’s the Vario-Elmar-SL 100-400mm F5-6.3 and it costs a whopping $2,195….

Is Panasonic finally going to give us phase detection autofocus in Lumix mirrorless cameras?

Nov 11, 2022
John Aldred

Is Panasonic finally going to give us phase detection autofocus (PDAF) in their full-frame and Micro Four Thirds Lumix mirrorless cameras? Well… Maybe. This is…

Sigma full-frame Foveon still delayed but it may come with phase detection autofocus

Nov 7, 2022
John Aldred

In an interview with Imaging Resource, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki has announced that there is a new delay with Foveon sensor development. It sounds like…

Full-Frame Foveon X3 “should be” ready in 2022 but probably not an actual camera

Jul 29, 2022
John Aldred

The full-frame Foveon saga has been going on since 2018 when it was first mentioned at Photokina during the Sigma, Panasonic and Leica L mount…