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Natalia Taffarel
Natalia Taffarel is an Argentinan High End Retoucher. She is quite an expert on colors.  She is neurotic, detail maniac, and a control freak who thinks beauty is shown solely through the details. You can see more of her work on her website and follow her on Facebook.

Pretty girls make lousy models

May 16, 2017
Natalia Taffarel

When shooting fashion or beauty for an editorial/commercial market the most important thing will always be the team – No Exceptions. The model will be the most…

Testing, retouching and photography etiquette

Mar 26, 2016
Natalia Taffarel

The word “testing” can have a variety of different meanings in the industry. But it always refers to creatives sharing their time to create something…

The Client Is Always Right, Even When They’re Not

Feb 27, 2016
Natalia Taffarel

Of course this is more of an attitude than a literal truth. Point being, you’re the only one responsible for your business. I worked in…

The Relations Between Curves, Color And Magic

Jan 16, 2016
Natalia Taffarel

In order to understand curves we need to understand color in the way that Photoshop does. This is called Additive color theory EVERYTHING in an image…