Virginia will now let you smile in your driver’s license photograph

Virginia will now let you smile in your driver’s license photograph


Ladies and gentlemen, hell might’ve frozen over.

Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will now let customers smile when having their license photograph taken—something that has been banned since 2009 when the DMV started planning for use of facial recognition and image verification software.

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve had to retake an image or two when renewing my license due to even the slightest showing my teeth.

Thanks to technological advances, the DMV no longer requires customers to hide their teeth when getting a new license of ID card.

Virginia DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb said to WTKR, ‘We heard loud and clear from customers that they prefer posing with smiles.’

Hopefully this trend continues across the United States, because if you’re anything like me and my group of friends, there will be far fewer incidents of having to hide your license from public eyes when buying a drink.

If you’re a resident of Virginia and would like a more cheerful license, you can head to your local DMV and obtain a replacement for $20.

[via WTKR]

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