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Lighting setup: Bounced top light in small studios

Apr 10, 2024
Jake Hicks

We all know how easy it is to get the lighting you want in those big, fancy studios. Tons of height, clean white floors and…

This is what low contrast lens filters are and how you can use them in portraits

Mar 27, 2024
Jake Hicks

As the name of the filter alludes to, these lens filters do indeed lower the overall contrast of a shot. To clarify what that means…

Learn the speedlight TTL basics with the best entry-level flash

Jan 18, 2024
Jay P. Morgan

Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted Lens we’re going to take a look at speedlights. How to set up TTL with…

Try out these easy 1 light setups for product photography

Jan 16, 2024
Alex Baker

Studio photography can sometimes feel a bit daunting, with YouTubers showing off their multiple light setups. However, lighting doesn’t have to be complicated to produce…

This photographer combined long exposure with flash for great effects

Jan 14, 2024
John Aldred

There is a lot of really good photography posted on social media these days. If we follow even a handful of photography groups, we’re inundated…

All you need to know about hiring a hairstylist for your photo shoot

Jan 5, 2024
Ian Richards

Sometimes, the littlest things make the biggest difference in a shoot. Like the angle of a light casting the perfect shadow or a single wisp of hair blown across a model’s face. Make no mistake — that wisp was placed with the utmost attention to detail. A hairstylist chose that precise placement over countless others.

C is for Cookie with these new Shadow Boards from V-Flat World

Jan 4, 2024
Alex Baker

If you need some inspiration for the New Year, you could check out these new gobos or cookies from V-Flat World. They are designed to…

5 ways to find inspiration when the weather is sad and grey

Nov 30, 2023
Alex Baker

I was browsing the subreddit for photography recently, and one particular question from a new photographer caught my eye. It was worded in an amusing…

Create this triadic colour portrait with this Rotolight LED lighting set-up

Nov 17, 2023
Jake Hicks

With Rotolight announcing their latest powerhouse LED light, the Anova Pro 3 (check it out here), they asked me to share some of my lighting…

Everything you need to know before you rent a photography studio

Sep 20, 2023
Sankha Wanigasekara

You’re working on a campaign for a luxury jewelry brand. For the sake of authenticity, you decide to photograph their collections on-location at the flagship…