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These Sucked Faces Demonstrate How Smartphones Alienate Us From Ourselves And Our Surroundings

Nov 10, 2015
Liron Samuels

In this rather unusual photo set, French photographer Antoine Geiger criticizes our obsession and addiction to modern technology and smartphones by creating faces being sucked…

Concert Photographer: Where Did Your Integrity Go? (Or How Concert Photographers Handle Contracts In Norway)

Jul 7, 2015
Jarle H. Moe

The last couple of weeks, the matter of photo contracts once again has been debated. First came Jason Sheldon’s blog post, calling Taylor Swift out…

IN EXTREMIS – Captures The most Glorious Accidents Ever (mildly NSFW)

Apr 1, 2015
Udi Tirosh

Remember that epic fall that Madonna had in the Brit Awards? This stuff is to Epic to be staged. Originally from Rome but now living in Barcelona,…

Mayor Claims City’s Image Was Distorted; Requests World Press Photo To Withdraw Prize

Feb 26, 2015
Liron Samuels

Just two weeks after World Press Photo’s announcement that 22% of entries that had reached the penultimate round were disqualified due to excessive post processing,…

Interview with with ISS Astronaut Don Pettit (from smugmug’s From Above)

Dec 21, 2014
SmugMug Films

Astronaut Don Pettit has become one of the most prolific astronaut photographers during his expeditions aboard the International Space Station. He could (and did) saturate…

Let Me Know When You See Fire: What a Video Shot at 1000 FPS Looks Like in 4K

Jul 7, 2014
Maaz Khan

Whether we may think it’s excessive or not, 4K is slowly starting to become the next standard in video. It makes me think of a…

Milk & Sea Is A Collection Of Mermaids Photographed Across Europe

Jan 12, 2014
Udi Tirosh

Czech photographer Hana Vojackova was drawn to images of mermaids but she noticed that the common concept of mermaids lacked connection to the real and…

BTS: Lost In The Flood By Tomer Jacobson

Sep 22, 2013
Guest Author

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” –  Lucius Annaeus Seneca. When you direct or plan a photograph it seems that you control each…