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Want to be a better portrait photographer? Get in front of somebody else’s lens

Mar 21, 2024
Alex Baker

When was the last time you had your photo taken? I mean, not just a quick selfie or holiday snap, but an actual portrait of…

Odyssey spacecraft beams back breathtaking selfies with the Earth

Feb 21, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

It’s not just humans (or occasionally animals) who take selfies – it’s spacecraft and rovers, too. Intuitive Machine’s robotic Odysseus spacecraft (aka Odie) recently beamed…

Avoid these posing red flags for your Valentine’s Day shoots

Feb 13, 2024
Alex Baker

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with the art of posing in photography, you’re not alone. Posing is challenging, requiring a delicate balance of personal…

Global shutters and high-speed flash photography

Feb 13, 2024
Michael Clark

Finally, the era of global shutters has arrived for full-frame professional cameras with the release of the Sony A9 III. I don’t use Sony cameras,…

Fire in the sky: Snap recalling all its Pixy drones over being a fire hazard

Feb 2, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

Breaking news for anyone who owns a Snap Pixy drone: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a total recall of all Pixy…

How to be a headshot photographer in 50 steps

Jan 31, 2024
Ben Wulf

Okay, I’m kidding. It’s much easier than 50 steps, and I reckon you can get involved in the world of headshot photography in as few…

Rats’ photo booth makes a point about humans and social media

Jan 29, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

French artist Augustin Lignier has created a unique and thought-provoking installation Selfie Rats. He trained two pet store rats to take selfies in exchange for…

5 ways photographers can grow their following on Threads

Jan 17, 2024
Jada Parrish

Social media has become integral to the lives of photographers, offering unique opportunities to showcase their work and connect with potential clients and other like-minded…

2023 Nature Photography Contest winners capture Earth’s breathtaking beauty…and plant trees

Jan 17, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

Founded in 2023, The Nature Photography Contest (website) quickly became a haven for photographers and nature lovers. The contest wrapped up two months ago, and…

Singaporean tourist dies after falling from cliff edge while taking photos

Jan 2, 2024
Dunja Djudjic

A Singaporean tourist, Nur Aisyah Binte MD Akbar (39), tragically died after falling off a cliff while taking a photo with her husband. The tragedy occurred at Minnewaska State Park near Rochester, New York, on December 22, 2023.