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Tutorials and tips for the solar eclipse

Feb 25, 2024
Alan Dyer

There are many ways to capture great images and movies of a total eclipse of the Sun. I outline them all in great detail in…

NONS SL660 review: EF mount + Instax = fun

Feb 13, 2024
Sagiv Gilburd

While shooting at a small event, I had a random idea pop into my head. “What if I were to attach a small printer like…

Millennium camera installed in Arizona but the photo won’t be ready for 1000 years

Jan 18, 2024
Alex Baker

A camera with an unusual twist has been installed in Tucson, Arizona. Called the Millennium camera, this camera will only take one image in its…

This photographer combined long exposure with flash for great effects

Jan 14, 2024
John Aldred

There is a lot of really good photography posted on social media these days. If we follow even a handful of photography groups, we’re inundated…

The comprehensive tech guide to pinhole photography

Dec 6, 2023
Matt Bechberger

If you enjoy taking film photos (and want to try pinhole photography), you know the satisfaction you get from a film photo that you just…

This year’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year includes… a Stargate?

Sep 18, 2023
John Aldred

The Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition always fascinates me. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to create most of the…

Polaroid announces the $599 I-2 Instant Camera with manual control and LiDAR AF

Sep 7, 2023
John Aldred

The fact that we’re seeing any new Polaroid cameras at all in 2023 is pleasantly surprising. What’s not so pleasant, but probably more surprising, is…

I shot a light painting circle with an Instant Camera

Sep 4, 2023
Eric Pare

Is it possible to do light painting using an instant camera? That’s the challenge for today!

Don’t burn your shutter shooting October 14’th ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

Sep 3, 2023
Jason Kurth

On October 14, 2023, the moon will pass in front of the sun, and an annular eclipse will be visible over much of the United…

Create movement with Rotolight flash and ambient lighting

Aug 11, 2023
Jake Hicks

We all know what long-exposure photography is right? I think we all have a rough idea, but long exposure shots can vary from half a…