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Avoid these four rookie mistakes when printing your photos

Oct 24, 2022
Dunja Djudjic

No matter if you want to sell or gift your photos, or want to hang them on your own walls, there are some things…

Publishing a photo book part four: Self-publishing

Jul 28, 2022
Polly Gaillard

Finding a publisher to take on your project and print your book may take years, and proposal rejections can feel demoralizing. Suppose you’ve invested a…

Bride shocked to find ‘crazy eyes’ Photoshopped into images after photographer outsourced the editing

May 6, 2022
Alex Baker

  A Pennsylvania bride was shocked to receive her wedding images to find that “crazy eyes” had been photoshopped onto anyone who was blinking. Anaya…

These video editing mistakes are probably what’s stalling your YouTube channel growth

Apr 15, 2022
John Aldred

No matter how experienced we might get with editing video, it’s easy to get complacent, especially if you’re creating video content regularly for platforms…

A Free Guide to Mobile Journalism Part 7 – Best mobile editing apps for smartphones

Dec 2, 2021
Ivo Burum

Synonymous with smartphone editing is a growing tendency to worship new apps and post on social media about the new features as quickly as possible….

Five things no one teaches you about photography

Nov 30, 2021
Dunja Djudjic

When we start learning about photography, there’s so much to grasp: from basic camera settings to lighting, composition, editing… However, there are some things no…

10 landscape photography mistakes you don’t even know you’re making

Nov 11, 2021
Dunja Djudjic

As I said a gazillion times before, we all make mistakes, and that’s totally cool as long as we learn from them. But oftentimes…

Ten common photography website mistakes (and how to fix them)

Nov 11, 2021
Caitlyn Edwards

When we think about websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is often top of mind. How is Google ranking you against other similar photographers? Are you…

No More Lies, Only True Colour! — SpyderX Pro and SpyderCheckr Review

Aug 13, 2021
Illya Ovchar

What is color? That is a physics question that will require a team of scientists much smarter than me to answer. What I can answer…

50 travel photography tips to take your work and abilities to the next level

Jun 24, 2021
Andrew Faulk

In my mind I roam the American West and meander along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. I imagine myself at non-descript train depots in…