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Lighting setup: Simple long exposure LED portraits

Apr 28, 2023
Jake Hicks

Long-exposure photography has been around as long as photography itself, but it’s had a tentative relationship with its audience over the years. 20+ years ago…

Lighting Setup: How to build and use a DIY Scrim in the Studio

Mar 1, 2023
Jake Hicks

There are quite literally thousands of lighting modifiers on the market today, but which ones are good, which ones should you avoid and… can you…

Lighting Setup: Pastel Colored Light and Gobos

Sep 7, 2022
Jake Hicks

Ever since I started to use colored lighting, I’ve always battled with the issues that many of us face when combining multiple colors and if…

How to shoot a clean and simple coloured fill portrait in the studio

May 19, 2022
Jake Hicks

Sometimes you just want a clean and quick setup to start a shoot off the right way. Sure, you may have a ton of creative…

How to set up and recreate caustic lighting for portraits in the studio

Mar 24, 2022
Jake Hicks

Don’t be alarmed! Yes, the title of this article may seem a little bizarre, no it’s not helping my SEO, but I assure you that…

How to shoot long exposure portraits combining flash and continuous light in the studio

Mar 10, 2022
Jake Hicks

Sometimes it can be great to flex your skills and show off your lighting prowess, but we can often run into the danger of the…

Make this nifty DIY gel holder for your Godox lights

Mar 1, 2022
Daniel Schweinert

I got me some of these new compact & foldable Godox softboxes AD-S60S, AD-S65W, AD-S85S, etc. for my Godox AD300Pros. They work just fine but…

Lighting setup: Textured fashion lighting with coloured gels

Feb 23, 2022
Jake Hicks

I spent many, many years working in a busy studio that focused on quantity over quality. As photographers working there, we did our best to…

Lighting setup: Combining hard and soft light

Dec 9, 2021
Jake Hicks

Trigger Warning: Yes these shots are of a young lady in her underwear and no that is certainly not necessary for this setup to work….

Lighting setup: Classic editorial portrait lighting

Jun 23, 2021
Jake Hicks

There will always be ‘classics’ in any industry. Sure these classics may not turn heads or make the headlines and they may even take a…