These pseudo-still life photos will make you feel incredibly anxious

These pseudo-still life photos will make you feel incredibly anxious


Tension can be a difficult concept to capture in photographs. It’s not impossible though, as photographer Aaron Tilley and Director Kyle Bean show in their latest project IN ANXIOUS ANTICIPATION for Kinfolk Magazine’s Adrenaline Issue.

Created to highlight the release of adrenaline when you’re expecting something, even if it never happens, the photo series shows a collection of events that are seconds away from turning a still life into some sort of chaos.


The project is not only incredibly clever, but extremely well done. The minimal aesthetics and simple color schemes keeps the focus on the concept at hand and the anticipation that we’re all holding onto.

Below are the remainder of the photographs from the series:





You can find more of Aaron Tilley’s work on his website and follow him on both Twitter and Instagram.

[via Bored Panda]

Image credits: Photos by Aaron Tilley and Kyle Bean used with permission.

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