Photojojo Has Announced a Brand New Lineup of Smartphone Lenses

Photojojo Has Announced a Brand New Lineup of Smartphone Lenses

Photojojo_Iris_2Moment, Olloclip, Manfrotto. Those are just three of the many brands that have developed lenses specifically for smartphones. Now, you can add another name to the growing list. Photojojo.

Today, the Photojojo team unveiled the Iris lens series, a trifecta of lenses made specifically for smartphones.

Photojojo’s lineup consists of a fisheye, wide angle and macro lens – a telephoto lens is the only style left unmentioned.

Photojojo_Iris_1The lenses are designed from the ground up by Photojojo in San Francisco, engineered in Europe and built in Korea. And just like their larger counterparts, these multi-element smartphone lenses are constructed with optical grade glass and billeted aluminum housing.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Iris lenses is the way in which they are attached to your smartphone. Currently, Photojojo offers a mounting system specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6S lineup, as well as the Samsung S5 and S6.

Photojojo_Iris_4Attaching the lenses is done via an incredibly thin (only 0.7mm) device-specific aluminum plate that can be mounted either directly on your smartphone or between any case you may have on it. A small lip sticks out and grips onto the lens to keep it snug against your phone’s built-in optics.

While we can’t vouch for any of the lenses, Iris designer Kevin Spencer says ‘you could crowd surf around a mosh pit and I’m pretty sure your lens would be solidly in place.’

Below are a few sample images taken with the lenses:

@timLampe with the Wide Angle Lens
@wesleyverhoeve with the Wide Angle Lens | @wesleyverhoeve with the Fisheye Lens
@wesleyverhoeve with the Macro Lens | @casey_catelli with the Macro Lens
@wesleyverhoeve with the Fisheye Lens | @timLampe with the Fisheye Lens

The lenses are currently available for pre-order on Photojojo. You can pick up a three-lens set for a limited pre-sale price of $109, or a single lens for $59.

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