Pelican announces new ‘Air’ case line-up, up to 40% lighter than predecessors

Pelican announces new ‘Air’ case line-up, up to 40% lighter than predecessors

Pelican Air2

How to you redesign a classic piece of equipment that has become a staple amongst photographers (and all kinds of other professionals) the world over? You don’t, you simply make it lighter.

That’s exactly what Pelican has done with their new lineup of Pelican Air cases.

Similar in almost every regard as their iconic predecessors, Pelican has managed to reduce the weight of a number of their cases by up to 40% using new injection moulding techniques and a proprietary material.

Pelican Air3

Specifically, Pelican says its HPX™ resin is ‘a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking.’ In addition to new materials, Pelican claims to also have kept the same rugged design using less material through the use of honeycomb structural elements and a unique ‘full box’ design that creates hollow parts while keeping the same strength.

Although the design has remained largely unchanged, there is one small tweak that alters the aesthetic of the cases. Rather than coming to a sharper edge on the top of the case, Pelican has rounded it out to create a more conical design.

Pelican Air1

In addition to reengineering their own cases, Pelican has also introduced official support for TrekPak™ organization systems. Previously a third-party vendor of unique divider designs, Pelican cases can now come pre-installed with TrekPak™ systems, so long as you purchase black cases.

The cases will come in black, orange, yellow and silver. Pricing hasn’t yet been revealed, but expect to pay a bit of a premium for the new design and materials.

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