Paracût is Netflix for photographers: Unlimited gear for $150/month

Paracût is Netflix for photographers: Unlimited gear for $150/month


Do you have a problem with wanting to switch gear every few months? Or, do you prefer to always try out the latest and greatest cameras and lenses on the market?

If so, upcoming service Paracût might be the greatest thing you’ve ever come across. Deemed the ‘Netflix for photography’, Paracût is a service that will allow photographers to use unlimited amounts of camera gear for $150/month.

Rather than basing their platform off peer-to-peer or rental models, Paracût opts for the subscription model, one that has long been a trend in the tech and photography world, both for hardware and software (Hi, Adobe!).


The first month will set you back $99, with every month after coming in at $149. Once you make your first payment, Paracût has you send in a list of gear you’d like to get your hands on: lenses, DSLRs, mirrorless, analog, accessories, lights and even drones.

They then use that information to cross-reference with what gear they have in their warehouse?. This means you might not get exactly what you’re looking for every time, but as time goes on, it’s inevitable their inventory will grow.

Once you’ve received the gear, it’s yours to keep for as long as you want. When you’re finished with it, simply slap on a pre-paid postage label and send it back in.

Interesting, Paracût will also sell you the gear at a discounted price if you decide you want to keep it after playing around with it.

Parachut hasn’t made an official launch yet, but you can already save your spot on the Paracût website.

[via Resource Magazine]

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