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Ten Things to Remember As You Begin Your Photography Odyssey

Mar 18, 2015
Don Giannatti

[Editor’s note: When I asked Don Giannatti of Lighting Essentials to be a guest blogger, I knew that the piece would be good and honest (he tells it straight). I did…

Facing the Demons of Camera Shame

Mar 17, 2014
Allen Mowery

He is one of the most iconic American photographers, an innovator in his time responsible for aiding in the awareness that led to the preservation…

Photo Story: You Are Not Alone

Oct 10, 2013
Guest Author

When we share photo stories, we usually focus on the lighting, the gear or some other aspect of the technical process. Today we would like…

Build An Amazing Super Versatile DIY Time Lapse Dolly

Apr 25, 2011
Udi Tirosh

I was literally screaming with joy when Derek Mellott (you know Derek, he likes Barbeque and time lapse movies) showed me his latest Time Lapse…

DIY L-Plate / L-Bracket

Dec 18, 2008
Udi Tirosh

In the following article Trevis Thomas (Flickr) shows us how to make an L-bracket – A useful Tripod mod that allows you to mount your…