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DIY Video Lighting With Hardware Store LED Light Bulbs

Nov 5, 2015
JP Danko

Every time I am at my local big box hardware store I always take a peek at the lighting aisle to see what is new…

3 Lighting Setups (And 2 Tips) For Tasty Beverage Lighting

Aug 28, 2015
Laya Gerlock

I was inspired by Allen Mowery’s post on creating fake Ice cubes for beverage photography, but after a month I still can’t find clear craft beads here in…

How To Shoot The Perfect Shoe Splash

Jul 29, 2015
Laya Gerlock

It’s been over two weeks since I bought a new pair shoes and I still haven’t worn them because I wanted to take one last picture of them….

Lighting Tutorial: How To Photograph Shoes

Jul 18, 2015
Laya Gerlock

I recently bought a new pair of shoes and before I use them and get them all dirty (as I always do in two seconds),…

The 5 Minutes, $1.50 Reflector And How To Use It

Jul 4, 2015
Laya Gerlock

I’ve already used those DIY reflectors in a couple of my articles but I’ve never actually did a full post explaining how they are built and used….

6 Everyday Household Items You Can Use As Backdrops For Product Photography

Jun 8, 2015
Laya Gerlock

Having a nice backdrop for your product shots really add interest to your product. I still prefer keeping it simple by using my trusty Granite…

Tips on getting Gradient Reflection on Reflective Surfaces Part 2

Apr 15, 2015
Laya Gerlock

Last year I made an article about getting good gradient reflections on surfaces, but after a while of using this that I’ve come to realize that I…

How to Perfectly Capture Steam in Food Photography

Mar 24, 2015
Laya Gerlock

I normally hangout at a local coffee shop editing photos because it’s easier for me to concentrate (plus free electricity and air condition… not always…

How To Shoot Cosmetic Products Using DIY Scrims

Feb 1, 2015
Laya Gerlock

Cosmetic products are some of the hardest things to photograph. The combination of reflective, translucent, opaque and shiny surfaces makes it an absolute nightmare. Below…

How To Shoot The Perfect Perfume Shot Using El Bokeh Wall

Jan 18, 2015
Laya Gerlock

I had another article in mind for this week also using perfumes as my subject but I thought about making this article instead because I…