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Facebook scammers wipe out photographer’s 7-year business

Oct 23, 2023
Alex Baker

An Australian photographer is reeling after scammers hijacked his Facebook account, erasing seven years of valuable images and customer orders. This incident serves as a…

New York lawmakers propose stricter rules for kids on social media

Oct 13, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

After Maryland, Seattle, and Texas, New York is now taking a step against social media and its negative impacts of social media on children. Alarmed by rising cases of anxiety, depression, and self-harm among the youngest, state officials are zeroing in on popular platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X (FKA Twitter).

How to make your work go viral on social media

Oct 13, 2023
Sankha Wanigasekara

The first day of college may be exhilarating, but the next four years could be a mixed bag of emotions. The day of the wedding could be blissful, but the next few decades, or much less for some, could be navigated through both easy and treacherous terrain. In more recent times, going viral on social media might follow a similar trajectory. The moment of “virality” may be intoxicating, but the days, weeks, and months that follow could be thrilling and nauseating. Usually, the person who crashes into newfound fame will hardly know what to do afterward. Why? Because they didn’t prepare for it. People rarely plan to “go viral,” so if they do, everything that follows is essentially a novelty.

The GoPro Hero 12 targets social media with new vertical video mode and double runtime

Sep 6, 2023
John Aldred

GoPro has announced the newest iteration of its flagship action camera, the GoPro Hero 12 (buy here). It brings with it some new features over…

How to take your video editing to the next level with ChatGPT

Sep 4, 2023
John Aldred

I have to admit I’ve not followed much of the developments in AI over the last year or two. AI image generation just doesn’t really…

Your camera is probably better than you are

Sep 4, 2023
John Aldred

I’ve been saying for years that digital cameras have reached a peak as far as still photography goes. Yes, there are still some small advancements…

Beware of this elaborate scam targeting Behance users

Aug 29, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

If you’re using Adobe’s excellent platform Behance, beware – there’s an elaborate scam going around. It targets Behance users, involving people posing as recruiters for…

Specialty: What is fine art photography?

Aug 25, 2023
Sonia Klug and Sankha Wanigasekara

The question of “What is art?” has occupied the minds of scholars for centuries. Definitions range from the very general (any creative work of a…

“Why be real when you can BeFake?” This free AI social network flips BeReal around

Aug 18, 2023
Dunja Djudjic

We all know social media is filled with fakery. but how fake can you get? With a new BeFake AI app – as fake as…

Love cat photos? Soon you can play a cat photography video game

Aug 11, 2023
Alex Baker

In the latest example of art imitating life, a new photography adventure video game has been announced for PC. The game, called Neko Odyssey, centres…