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Build your own Lensbaby style DIY soft-focus lens for under $15

Jan 27, 2017
John Aldred

Constructing your own lens can seem like an impossible task. When you look at the amount of engineering in modern lenses, how can you possibly…

DIYP Reviews the Yi M1 mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera

Dec 5, 2016
John Aldred

The M1 mirrorless camera from YI Technology was one of the biggest surprises at this year’s Photokina A company known for Action cameras, dash cams…

How to build a DIY LED ring light – a pictorial

Mar 13, 2016
Udi Tirosh

In this article Steve McKenzie takes us through his steps of building an LED ring light. I used 3/4 plywood as the base for the build…

How to make a $2 DIY Ring Light with an iPad box

Jan 1, 2016
Gannon Burgett

Professional ring lights can cost absurd amounts of money. This makes for a prime opportunity for DIY versions. We’ve shared a handful of DIY ring…

How To Build And Use A Light Blaster™ Projector For The Studio

Dec 21, 2015
Zatsepin Alex

A Light Blaster is a device that projects slides or transparencies onto walls and models. There is a commercial Light Blaster version for small strobes…

DIY: Awesome Iris Lamp Has Aperture That Opens & Closes As Light Is Turned On Or Off

Sep 10, 2015
Tiffany Mueller

Cancel your weekend plans, we’ve got an Iris Lamp to build! The awesome DIY tutorial comes to us courtesy of Jonathan Odom, a full time…

How To Build A Mega 84cm, 480 LEDs Ring Light For $35

Aug 15, 2015
Udi Tirosh

Here is a smart ring light fitted for the LED era. I mean we shared a huge kick a$$ ring light build before, but this…

Make a Square DIY Ring Light for Under $10

Jul 15, 2015
Isiah Xiong

I got the inspiration for the square ring light from a trip to Vegas. The hotel bathroom had a light that ran the perimeter of…

Nicky Bay’s Review of the Venus Optics 15mm Wide Angle Macro Lens

Jul 9, 2015
Nicky Bay

[Editor’s note: we recently covered the announcement of this lens and shared a hands on review, but this one provides a more in-depth look at…

How To Build A Killer 4-Feet, Double-Ringed, 27-Bulbs-Powered Ring Light

Feb 27, 2015
Udi Tirosh

Honestly, I cannot believe this went under the radar for me. Photographer Dani Diamond just broke our ring light record, not by making it any…