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Lighting setup: Classic editorial portrait lighting

Jun 23, 2021
Jake Hicks

There will always be ‘classics’ in any industry. Sure these classics may not turn heads or make the headlines and they may even take a…

A lighting 101 course using affordable tube lights

Jun 13, 2021
Adam Frimer

Our latest edition of DIY Photography educational content is about lighting. We put together a little production to show the dos and don’ts of…

Use this simple setup for gorgeous one-light portraits

Mar 11, 2021
Dunja Djudjic

While using one light for portraits is quite a simple approach, there are many ways in which you can use it. A single light lets…

Super-soft lighting in small home studios

Mar 10, 2021
Jake Hicks

In this article I’ll explain a beautifully soft lighting setup that can be achieved in almost any sized space – In fact, this setup actually…

How to build your own realistic artificial sun with soap and a satellite dish

Nov 3, 2020
John Aldred

Simulating daylight with artificial lighting is not a trivial task. You’re faking a light that’s 93 million miles away. That means it’s an extremely…

Make your own DIY scrim/silk frame for huge diffused lighting modifier

Aug 20, 2020
Jake Hicks

So before the film school nerds explode, let me just explain what a ‘scrim’ actually is and what the term colloquially means to us photographers….

DIY backdrops for home shoots and lighting setup

Apr 29, 2020
Jake Hicks

Bored of being stuck indoors yet? Shooting against the same white background all the time can get tiresome, so why not switch it up with…

How to turn your on-camera flash into an off-camera softbox for $30 or less

Jan 10, 2020
Dunja Djudjic

There can be many reasons why you don’t have a softbox, but there can also be many situations when you could really use one. I…

How to deal with tricky reflective surfaces and create stunning product photos

Sep 23, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

When doing product shots in the studio, reflective surfaces could be very tricky to handle. But of course, there are methods to deal with…

This is how to create a crazy bokeh fashion shoot with tin foil

Aug 30, 2019
Dunja Djudjic

Sometimes the simplest solutions give the best result. After all, finding simple and cheap solutions is one of the main reasons why we turn to…