Luna 360º camera hopes to be the GoPro of virtual reality

Luna 360º camera hopes to be the GoPro of virtual reality


IndieGoGo campaigns are on a roll. Earlier this week, we shared with you Mokacam, a 4K camera that claims to be ‘the world’s smallest.’ Now, there’s Luna, an immersive video camera that similarly claims to be ‘The World’s Smallest 360º Camera.’

As the desire to capture virtual reality (VR) content continues, Memora Inc wants to make sure they get their piece of the pie. Their method for doing so is to launch Luna, a single-button 360º camera with a focus on being able to be used by anyone – ‘No camera rigs. No stitching. No cables. 360° video at the click of a button.’


To capture the 360º footage, Luna relies on two 190º fisheye lenses. This means that both sensors are capable of capturing video behind the focal plane. The camera measures in at 6cm in diameter, features built-in WiFi, is waterproof, has a gyrostabilizer and both charges and syncs data via a magnetic connector.


The operation is quite simple – to take a 360º still image, you just press the button once. For video, you double-press.


Like many other action cams and VR rigs, Luna uses your smartphone as its liveview screen and settings menu. When capturing images, you can do so in four different settings: Flat mode, Sphere mode, VR mode and Planet mode.


Memora Inc knows a thing or two about creating cameras, so although it’s always a risk with crowdfunded projects, it’s unlikely the Luma will fail, especially considering they’ve already surpassed their $50K goal within a day of launching.

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All of the Early Bird specials are sold out, but you can still pick up a First Batch edition for $350. For an extra $99 to your pledge, you can add the accessory pack, which includes a monopod, keychain strap and power dock.

The first line of Luma cameras is set to ship in June 2016 – just in time for all your summer shenanigans. Head on over to the IndieGoGo campaign to find out more and secure your pledge.

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