A look at photographic experimentation in the studio

A look at photographic experimentation in the studio


Photography has all sorts of ‘rules’ that we’re told to adhere to: thirds, inverse square, golden mean and so on.

While these rules certainly help build the foundation of any great photographer, it’s important to remember to break the rules and step out of the mould every once in a while to learn and gain new insights.

That’s precisely how Monica Stevenson approaches photography. And in a recent video from B&H she shares how she thinks outside the box to create captivating images and compositions.

The video comes in just shy of five minutes. In it, Stevenson details how experimenting with photography allows her to pick up on minute variables in the image-making process; details that make her work what it is and help her stand out.

It’s both inspirational and informative, making it a great watch for photographers of all domains–a nice little boost to start off your week.

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