Listen to Nikon’s D5 fire off 200 frames in 17 seconds

Listen to Nikon’s D5 fire off 200 frames in 17 seconds

Nikon D5 Shutter

Nikon unveiled its newest flagship camera this week, the Nikon D5. Some of the new features include a brand new 153 point autofocus system and a ridiculously fast burst speeds of 12 frames per second—14 if you don’t mind shooting JPEG only.

If you’re wondering what 12 frames per second sounds like, YouTube channel DCFever HK has you covered. In their latest video, we get a listen of the D5 in action as it flies through shot after shot.

In addition to the machine gun shutter, we also get glimpse of the brand new autofocus system in action. Overall, it sounds as impressive as you’d think.

YouTube video

For a little bit of fun trivia, the Nikon D5 is rated for 400K shutter actuations. At 12FPS that’s roughly 10 hours of straight shooting.

[via ISO 1200]

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