Lab2Cam turns Impossible Project’s Instant Lab into a manual SX-70 instant camera

Lab2Cam turns Impossible Project’s Instant Lab into a manual SX-70 instant camera


In 2012, the Impossible Project launched the Instant Lab, a contraption that turns your iPhone snapshots into Impossible instant prints.

While awesome on its own, analog aficionados SUPERSENSE decided to further improve the usefulness of the Impossible Instant Lab by creating the Lab2Cam Conversion Kit, a manual Polaroid SX–70 lens lens attached to a mounting plate that effectively turns the Instant Lab into an instant camera itself.


The Lab2Cam Conversion Kit is being sold as a limited-edition ‘Henny Waanders’ set—Henny Waanders being a former Polaroid employee of 40 years who handmade every single one of the 44 Lab2Cam Conversion Kits.

As for how the conversion works, the video below explains. The nice part is the conversion isn’t permanent, meaning you can switch between uses at any time.

Below are a collection of sample photos taken with the Lab2Cam Conversion Kit setup:









Each of the limited-edition Lab2Cam Conversion Kits will be hand-signed by Waanders and come with a numbered certificate. They sell for €244 (roughly $267).

Update: Wow, that didn’t last long. It appears the 44 kits have already sold out. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.12.29 PM


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