Instagram brings 3D Touch-like functionality to Android

Instagram brings 3D Touch-like functionality to Android


When Apple introduced its new iPhone lineup this past September one of the stand-out features was a display technology called ‘3D Touch.’

Designed to make touchscreen displays more valuable in terms of user interaction through pressure sensitive displays, the software/hardware hybrid functionality allows developers to make more rich interactions for their applications.

With the exception of the Huawei Mate S, Apple’s 6s and 6s Plus smartphones are the only devices to possess these touch-sensitive displays.

One of the first developers to take advantage of the new technology was Instagram, who brought 3D Touch capabilities to its iOS app in November 2015. Now, after a few months of trying it out on iOS, Instagram has brought it to Android with an update that effectively replicates the functionality without the actual display tech.

According to research firm IHS, 25% of smartphones in 2016 will feature pressure-sensitive displays. Until then though, almost every Android phone lacks the functionality.

Instagram didn’t want to leave its user base behind though, so they’ve ported the capabilities to Android devices with a brand new app update.

Similar to its iOS counterpart, the update allows users to long-press a photo to bring up a lightbox-like module, effectively giving users a larger preview without leaving their current screen. You can even ‘like’ an image and share within the module.

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As Android devices gain pressure-sensitive displays, it’ll be interesting to see how Instagram integrates the new tech. But for now, it seems as though it should work out well, even without the hardware side of the equation.

The update should be available automatically on your Android device if you have Instagram installed. If you don’t, you can head on over and download Instagram in the Google Play Store.

[via Android Police]

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