Everything you need to know about camera lenses

Everything you need to know about camera lenses


Last month, we shared with you ‘a geeky crash course on the science of camera sensors,’ a short film from the team at Filmmaker IQ that took a look at the intricate light-sensitive devices that capture the images we take.

Today, Filmmaker IQ has dropped their latest video, ‘The Properties of Camera Lenses,’ which dives into the details of the glass we place in front of camera sensors—lenses.

As they did with their sensor video, this 21-minute lecture is a brilliantly thorough look at the properties of camera lenses. The video walks through the intricate components such as aperture, focal length, image stabilization and more.

They even take a look at the difference between prime and zoom lenses.

If you want to know almost everything there is to know about lenses, set some time aside and grab a pen and paper, because you’ll want to take notes.

YouTube video

To keep up with Filmmaker IQ’s videos, you can head on over to their YouTube Channel and subscribe.

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