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Fashion Shoot Anatomy With Rossella Vanon

Mar 13, 2014
Guest Author

Today we asked UK based fashion photographer Rossella Vanon to break up one of her photos for you. She goes through inspiration and motivation, setup,…

How To Build A DIY “SaberStrip” For $30

Mar 7, 2014
Guest Author

There’s no denying the original SaberStrip is a very portable and versatile piece of kit. However, at $135 each you might find yourself with other…

The Cleverest DIYP iPhone Tripod* Ever!

Feb 28, 2014
Guest Author

This tripod, designed by Benny Johansson, can be placed on top of bottles or stand for it self. Flexible enough to fit most of the common…

How To Build A DIY Lightroom Gamepad Controller For 1 Buck

Feb 21, 2014
Guest Author

I’m a true believer in “laziness is the mother of all invention” and also in “cheapskate is the father of all DIY” – just kidding!…

How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Wobble And Love The Warp Stabilizer

Feb 19, 2014
Guest Author

It’s uber-awkward being in high school. In 9th grade, I was a music kid and played in everything from pit orchestra to pep band. High…

A Big, Cheap, Solid And Foldable DIY Softbox

Feb 14, 2014
Guest Author

Many people have asked me about the DIY softbox I made a year or so ago — lovingly nicknamed “the ghettobox” — so here it…

Towards Mastery. Again.

Feb 12, 2014
Guest Author

The other day someone left a comment on my Facebook page, an astute observation about this constant gear chase – the pursuit of new, better,…

Uneventful: The Rise of Photography

Feb 8, 2014
Guest Author

Consider the United States where everything is transformed into images. Only images exist and are produced and consumed. —Roland Barthes. Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography…

Duplicating And Scanning Slides – A Refined Tutorial

Feb 3, 2014
Guest Author

So, the holidays have rolled around once again, and sometimes we like to look at your old, but memorable, pictures from years gone by. But,…

A Clever Way To Hold A DIY Foam Board Reflector/Flag

Jan 28, 2014
Guest Author

One of my favorite lighting accessoris that I use on almost everyone shoot, is simple piece of white foam board. You can get them at…