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The 2.9 million dollar photo

Feb 14, 2020
Guest Author

Here is a little known fact: One of the most expensive ‘photographs’ ever sold in an auction was sold for $2.9m. Edward Steichens‘s, The Pond…

This is how Canon’s f/0.95 Dream Lens performs on a Sony mirorless body

Feb 6, 2017
Guest Author

Do you use a DLSR lens on a mirrorless camera? Have you ever considered buying a “Dream Lens” for it? It’s pricey and relatively rare,…

Flash Photography – Changing The Background Color With Gels

Dec 29, 2015
Guest Author

Here is a great tip if you are using a studio and don’t pack a bunch of backdrops. Of course, not owning many backdrops does not…

Getting Hired: 10 Tips from National Geographic, The Cut, Sports Illustrated & More

Jul 30, 2015
Guest Author

What are photo editors really looking for from professional photographers? And how can you make connections with potential clients and land gigs? In The Inspiration…

Build A Background Wall On Wheels

Jul 21, 2015
Guest Author

Black and white are the default background colors for many of my photos. There are several background systems (paper, fabric, roller blinds, etc.) and I…

This On-Location Workstation will make you drool

Jan 22, 2015
Guest Author

Photographer Tom Barnes shoot on location quite a bit. While he started like most of us using his eye glued to the viewfinder followed by a…

How To Build A 22 Gallon High Speed Photography Studio

Aug 4, 2014
Guest Author

High speed photography has a tendency to be messy (broken glass, water and other flying debris) and potentially dangerous (guns, and that flying debris again)….

How an Old School Photographer is Kicking Your Butt on Instagram

Jul 24, 2014
Guest Author

Social media is supposed to be the realm of the young, and in this realm, Instagram reigns as visual king. It’s easy to imagine skinny…

Delivering Awesome Content On Time – How Preston Kanak Delivered an Awesome D810 Demo

Jul 22, 2014
Guest Author

With the announcement of the D810 Nikon needed great footage to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera. My friend Preston Kanak was one of the…

5 Reasons DSLR’s Are Obsolete In Today’s World By Martin Gillman

Jul 11, 2014
Guest Author

OK, sure that’s a bold statement, and for me it just may be true. I believe that the mirrorless camera is and will continue push…