Dear Adobe, I Want to Join The Creative Cloud, Please Help

Jul 18, 2014

Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh is an entrepreneur, photography inventor, journalist, educator, and writer based in Israel. With over 25 years of experience in the photo-video industry, Udi has built and sold several photography-related brands. Udi has a double degree in mass media communications and computer science.

Dear Adobe, I Want to Join The Creative Cloud, Please Help

Jul 18, 2014

Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh is an entrepreneur, photography inventor, journalist, educator, and writer based in Israel. With over 25 years of experience in the photo-video industry, Udi has built and sold several photography-related brands. Udi has a double degree in mass media communications and computer science.

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Dear Almighty Adobe,

This is not a break up letter, you know I love you, but, I have questions going around in my head…. I really want to join the creative cloud, please help.

I love the idea of the Creative Cloud. Really, what’s not to love there. Laptop/desktop/tablet integration; instant updates; $10 for the photography plan. So why haven’t I moved yet. I actually consider moving almost daily. Well not daily, you know, but quite often. If you just made those really minor tweaks, I would hop over in an instant.


I want to know that I will always have access to my files forever. Always.

Yup, with the old model, if I did not upgrade, I could still access all my files. I could export them, tweak them, and generally not be too worried about anything related with licensing once I had the original software. It would totally remove any barriers I still have if you just let me know (and pinky swear for it) that whatever files (photos in Lightroom, Premiere projects, PSDs) I have, I can always access. You made a huge progress with enabling this for Lightroom, now follow suite with the rest of the cloud. I don’t need to create new projects, just retain access to the projects I already created should I want to export again or change the format. Or even just reminisce with the monitor.

You see, I don’t want to have to pay each time I need to re-export my footage, or even export an entire Premiere project so I can use with a different, non Adobe program.

So yea, I wanna know that my work is always accessible, even if not changeable. Otherwise I kinda feel like a hostage.

Make a solid commitment that for as long as I pay, I can always access my software. Always.

No system is perfect. I know that. But I want to know that I can always access my software if I paid. Even if the authentication service is down and I cannot log in; even if I am not connected to the internet; even if I am not connected to the internet for over 30 days, (but I paid); even if Adobe decided to stop selling software and become a sandwich company. I need to know that what I paid for is accessible.

I want to know how much I am paying, and will be paying. Always.

You are asking us to commit to you, but you are not committing back to us. I saw that you made the Cloud for photographers plan a permanent one. This is definitely a great step in the right direction. Now I know what using Lightroom and Photoshop will cost me each month. But with the original plan being only a limited time offer and then extended and extended (and extended yet again) I would really appreciate a loud and clear message from Adobe regarding pricing.

I want to know not only how much a bundle will cost me today. I wanna know it for at least three or four years in advance (I knew that when it was a licensing model). Because I don’t want to find out that prices have gone up steeply and now my files and work are locked out – see previous request.

Where will you be in 20 years ?  Will you trap us all once you have our good faith and we trust you with our life’s work ?

So, those are the three major things that I would love to see happening. If you did those, I am yours for good! We know you do love to have feedback and that you do love your community, so maybe there is a chance you are already working on these issues, as long as you are already at it, here are a few more things that will probably make the transition even smoother. You know, if you feel like spoiling me.

I would love to see more bundled offers

Photographers, will obviously want Photoshop and Lightroom, so that $10/month is a pretty sweet deal. How about extending this to movie makers (at least to some extent) and provide a similar bundle for Premiere and After Effects. They don’t all have to be $9.99, movies can be 19.99 and I don’t have to use all the other stuff I don’t really care about like illustrator or in-design. Best of all, I want to combine packages and have, for example,  photography + film making for 29.99. Or if I am really one of those creative ones, and do photography, movies, graphic design, audio, web design and mobile development, then I can still get the full package.

I would love my plugins to keep working

I know this is not really related to the cloud, but it would still be awesome if all my Lightroom plugins were still working flawlessly when I upgraded to cloud. For example, Jeffrey Friedl’s wonderful workflow plugins were useless from LR5.0 to LR 5.2 (I understand that all is well now). If you could promise that my plugins will stay consistent I will upgrade. I understand that many are third party, but, this would be nice really keep on top of. Plug-in’s cost money too you know.BTW, I do appreciate the fact that you let me revert to the older versions, so not all is lost.

I like to feel loved, I would love to love the creative cloud, but it seems like I am being forced into a relationship I don’t quite understand and  I am not being listened too.  All I want is to feel part of the relationship.



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Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh

Udi Tirosh is an entrepreneur, photography inventor, journalist, educator, and writer based in Israel. With over 25 years of experience in the photo-video industry, Udi has built and sold several photography-related brands. Udi has a double degree in mass media communications and computer science.

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29 responses to “Dear Adobe, I Want to Join The Creative Cloud, Please Help”

  1. Marko Rosic Avatar
    Marko Rosic

    It would be even better if CC would be available worldwide… It’s strange that something called after clouds is country biased.

  2. vincent-b Avatar

    You have a very demanding way to request things. And you make it sound like Adobe’s CC offer is an horrible scam where we’re hundreds of thousands to think it’s an awesome game changer.

    Adobe is never going to read this, you’re wasting everybody’s time. Adobe has a request site, very efficient. I have OFTEN been contacted by email after request there.
    You spend you time writing this rant instead of creating.
    There is a rule in photo, video, design: work now, with the tools you have. Don’t wait for them, and don’t procrastinate. Take what’s available now and work.

    All your demands are childish. You can export whatever you need now, in universal formats, to be sure to work with them later. Your plugins depend on 3rd party developers and every API breaks, it’s called life. You want to know the price 4 years in advance, that’s cute. Cite one business where you can know the price 2 years in advance, one year in advance.

    I love DIYPhotography so much, but this article has nothing to do with the tone the site usually use. Seriously, lose the attitude man.

    1. Jim Johnson Avatar
      Jim Johnson

      Who crapped in your Cheerios?

      It’s a tongue in cheek post. Yeah, these are real wishes, but the style is not meant to be taken seriously.

      1. vincent-b Avatar

        I beg to differ. It’s a rant, from someone who doesn’t even is a user of said product. CC customer for day one, since then I ahevn’t exeprimented a downtime, I’ve been happily creating all that time with all these tools. And everyday I see long posts like this one from people who are supposed to be pro and endlessly rant about their fears, like CC was something you had to pay with blood.

        For Christ sake, work, deliver, get the money, invest, repeat. When Adobe will bugs us, it will take a hour to change to something else. If we, photographers and designers, had to worry about the prices in 4 years, about the files from 10 years ago (I mean, I do, but not all the time)… Shoot now with what you have now, that’s what i’ve been told and do.

    2. ziplock9000 Avatar

      He’s a customer.. So yes he demands as his own business may come crashing down due to a policy change at Adobe. I’m guessing photography is just a hobby for you otherwise you’d know this.

      1. JarFil Avatar

        Not much of a business if you think Adobe CC prices are steep, and don’t know of alternatives to keep working without Adobe, were they to increase suddenly. You should NEVER be that dependant on a single product/manufacturer.

        1. Jim Johnson Avatar
          Jim Johnson

          This response always makes me laugh. Adobe is the only professional quality product in the market (for now). They hold a virtual monopoly, that they legitimately created.

          And, the point isn’t that their prices are too steep, but that they can change them, their terms of service, or their programs, and customers will have no real option. Perpetual licenses didn’t give that power to adobe— you don’t like the next version or the next version’s price, you keep using what you have. Subscriptions represent a shift in choice and power in that regard, for better or worse.

          Both systems (subscription and perpetual license) have benefits. All some people are asking for, really, is that some of those benefits are added back into the current model in some way (like the export functions in LR that they just announced). You don’t have to understand why other customers would want those features, they are a customer, so they get to say they want them.

        2. ziplock9000 Avatar

          What are you on about, he never mentioned cost. The comments were about having files held hostage.

      2. vincent-b Avatar

        I’m a pro, hence have 69 to put on CC every month. Adobe can change whatever they want, I don’t feel threaten for any of my files. He’s not a customer, he’s a maybe customer. And I don’t see any reason where you need to demand and not request, where you should be agressive instead of positive. Must be my hobbyist spirit.

        1. ziplock9000 Avatar

          He demands because he ALREADY has files that he needs to access and he’s worried that he wont be able to access them some time in the future. This has the potential of destroying his business and possibly his livelihood, so of course it’s a demand. Having blind faith in Adobe (or any other company long term) is ignorant.

          1. vincent-b Avatar

            He has files, he has software. So he’s safe right? He’s not in trouble so what’ the hell with the tone. I’m saying it gets nowhere, it’s just a useless rant to gather more rant. Well some ppl here beg to differ. About the tone and about the purpose.

            Destroying his business… because he would have to pay a couple a dollars in the event he wants to edit his files?

            You’re all not being realistic. You wouldn’t ask for all of this to any other brand.

            Just for laughs, can you guaranty to me your shooting prices for 4 years? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.

            I’m not having blind faith in anything, I just spend most of my time working.

          2. ziplock9000 Avatar

            He’s not future proofed. He’s not even talking about prices either.

            Once he’s went with CC and Adobe goes down, license servers goes down, will he still be able to access his files then?

            You’ve got it in your head he’s just complaining about prices, which he’s not.

            Did you even read the article?

            Do you even know the wider issues with online DRM etc?

  3. John C Avatar
    John C

    I found it a good article. It was a nice way to point out to me (a potential customer of Adobe) what some limitations are. He could have simply stated “here are some things i don’t like about it”. For me it’s a better angle.

  • ziplock9000 Avatar

    Laptop/desktop/tablet integration incorrect. it’s Laptop/desktop/iDevices. This numerically is a massive difference.

  • Nexus Avatar

    “I want to know not only how much a bundle will cost me today. I wanna know it for at least three or four years in advance (I knew that when it was a licensing model). Because I don’t want to find out that prices have gone up steeply and now my files and work are locked out ”

    So true my friend, THIS is the sole reason I’ve not subscribed to the CC model! I can see how, after everyone signs on to the “Lightroom / Photoshop” package & locks in so to speak, Adobe suddenly ( or not ) decides it need a higher margin to cover production costs or inflation or whatever and quietly raises the subscription rate. After all $20 or $30 monthly doesn’t sound like much, until you start adding up all the other ‘monthly’ rates you find yourself typically paying out and soon find yourself on the way to the poor house. At least with a outright purchase, you know what you can afford and will buy when the time is right!

    1. Jim Johnson Avatar
      Jim Johnson

      This is also the reason Adobe went to subscriptions. Their products are reaching a kind of peak efficiency, they are not making a dramatic improvements to the basic way it works, but instead are tweaking it and adding “extras”. There is less and less of a reason to keep updating on their schedule as time goes by.

  • pixelsandfrets Avatar

    I jumped over to the CC subscription plan on Day 1 and I can safely say that I haven’t had a problem with access to anything the entire time I’ve used it. I’ll admit that I’ve probably been connected to the internet at least 95% of that time…but that’s just a reality nowadays.

    Asking Adobe to quote prices 3-4 years out seems a little unreasonable to me. Can you give someone a permanent quote for, let’s say, a wedding shoot in 4 years?

    Also, the price that I pay is locked for at least a year…so I have that much notice if rates change. It would be unfortunate if the rates changed in the last couple months of the contract…but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. If that happens then I’d pay for a one month subscription and export anything I needed to a universal format and then try to find a replacement (which I doubt I could).

  • Daniel Hammerberg Avatar
    Daniel Hammerberg

    With Lightroom 5.5, at the end of a membership, the desktop application will continue to launch and provide access to the photographs managed within Lightroom as well as the Slideshow, Web, Book or Print creations

  • OhMyGod Avatar

    So you buy 3rd party plugins & you’d like ADOBE to make sure your plugins work in new versions? You even mention that “Plug-in’s cost money too you know” So…you pay money to a 3rd party developer to buy a plugin and you don’t hold their feet to the fire for updating their plugins? Instead Adobe should make sure everything other people wrote should work forever? Delusional.

    1. udi tirosh Avatar
      udi tirosh

      not at all, imagine you had to update all your iPhone apps whenever Apple released an iOS update.
      and I dont mean update the app to gain benefits from the new iOS, I mean update or the apps wont work…
      I am sure Adobe can keep their APIs intact.

      1. vincent-b Avatar

        And Adobe does most of the time. And you have to update some of your iPhone apps when the OS changes. You’re not being honest at all here, Adobe does everything not to break things but sometimes there’s a big gap, necessary big gap. Like switching from Flash to HTML for extensions panels in the last version. Yes some work is needed from 3rd parties to update, but it’s for the greater good.

        But really if everyone here considers Adobe a big scam, just move somewhere else. We’re obviously a lot to consider them fine, if not doing a great job and having a great offer. What do you expect, for them to triple the price over night? Come on.

      2. OhMyGod Avatar

        Next time Apple releases a new iOS, notice the flurry of app updates that come out BEFORE the iOS update. A great many of them are updates required to handle changes in the new iOS & to allow users to have an uninterrupted experience.

  • Amaryllis Avatar

    I’m still a hobbyist for now, but I’ve had to buy CS5 for school, and I don’t plan on going to CC. Seems like crap to me if you’re asking… I’ve got all of the tools I need and the 500 CAD I paid three years ago won’t cost me more than that in the future for the whole suite…

  • Paul Danger Kile Avatar
    Paul Danger Kile

    The Adobe Free DNG Converter enables both forward and backward compatibility for every photo file type that Photoshop, Lightroom, and Camera RAW can open.

  • fj1200 Avatar

    I looked at CC, rang Adobe to ask a question, and got bullied – that’s correct – into signing up. Except I don’t respond well to “So I’ll sign you up now and then…” repeated over and over after I’ve repeatedly said No, I needed time to think. And eventually since the noddy idiot on the phone wouldn’t listen, I put the phone down.

    I’m now evaluating CaptureOne, and so far it’s pretty damn good. £23 for the Express version, or do I invest in the full monty? It’s a different way of working, I like Lr’s workflow, I’m used to it. I’m not a pro but I shoot sports a lot for local clubs and process several thousand images every month – which is a bit time-consuming. Recovery of detail in the shadows is outstanding, lack of my favorite plugins is an issue.

    1. Marko Rosic Avatar
      Marko Rosic

      Capture One Pro is an awesome software, however you will need a PS for the entire workflow… unless you’re not outsourcing your retouching or more complicated edits.

  • onehitdie Avatar

    I won a 1 year subscription to the cloud from a webseries festival and have no idea what you’re talking about. I use video mostly, and there is no way the 20gigs I get is usable to store video… so I don’t. All my footage sits on my drive. I have a premiere pro project sits on my drive. If I want to color grade in Davinchi resolve I use XML to round trip the project. I can send to protools… Seriously, I don’t understand what you’re scared of? If you upload your photos to the cloud, do you delete them off your drive? If you just want to use lightroom for a specific project, export them smart with proper naming convention and you can get transfer them into a different program. The sad part is, I’ve had the subscription for 6 months and love it. Technically its cheaper than what I pay for cable. I too fear world domination, but I have to get stuff done to.

  • Hatch Bombatar Avatar
    Hatch Bombatar

    I’m a professional, and I’d like to know why, after paying for Photoshop since it first came out, all of a sudden I can no longer open my Photoshop documents – the Adobe Application Manager (downloaded surrepticiously with a flash upgrade) tells me I have to subscribe to CC. That’s what this post is about. I have the entire suite, and nothing will open. I’m done with Adobe.

  • Spock Avatar

    Count me as a sucker. After a nasty spat with a customer “support” agent, my divorce with Adobe will be final on April 5. So they’lll squeeze me for an extra $150 or so but then we’re done. And after that, I only have access to my own photos. How nice of them. Stay away, far away, from Adobe and the CC.

    Now, off to the Affinity Photo site. $50 and a lifetime license. I love free markets…