5 tips for nailing focus on every shot

5 tips for nailing focus on every shot


Video autofocus capabilities has been getting better and better over the years, but nothing yet can beat the range of control and precision as the ability to properly use a manual focus. Unfortunately, using manual focus isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially when relying only on the live view display on the back of a camera.

To share a few tips on how to improve manual camera focus, Jordy from CineCom has put together a helpful tutorial video.

In the five-and-a-half minute video, Jordy showcases how five simple tips can help achieve better shots when shooting wide open on a camera. Rather than relying on extra gear or unnecessary tools, Jordy sticks to the basics, with tips that anyone is capable of so long as they have the willpower to learn and a camera/lens combo to shoot with.

Below are the five tips summarized:

  1. Know your lens – The more familiar you are with your lens, the better you’ll know how to nail focus every time.
  2. Focus Pulling – Know how much space you have in your depth of field at each aperture. This will help you know what range you’re looking for when trying to nail a focus pull.
  3. Following the Subject – Know how close and far away your subject will be from the camera. A change in distance means your focus may need to be adjusted to keep in focus.
  4. Focus Marks – Use a few strips of tape to line up where your focus ring needs to be for a certain shot. It creates a template that will make nailing focus far easier time and time again.
  5. Focus Gear – Technically, this breaks the rules laid out by Jordy, but he claims it’s worth it to use on its own, without an external follow focus, as it adds better grip when using your hands.
YouTube video

If you have any tips of your own for nailing focus, leave them in the comments below.

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