Yes, You Can Say It – The D90 is Out

Now that the rumors have ended and the Nikon D90 is officially out.I bet you’d like to know how it feels. and you may also be interested in how it shoots.

Chase Jarvis just released his videoed review of the Nikon D90. No – it is not available yet – unless your name starts with a Ch and ends with a ase. Read the full review over at Chase’s Blog.

The D90 has some very cool features:

  • Movies (there are called D-movies,  I guess the D is for "DOPE!, how come we did not do it before)
  • Rocking 3 Inch LCD with Live preview (yes Live preview on a top level DSLR)
  • GPS tagging
  • The usual 12.3 megapixels, 4.5 FPS, Low Noise, great interface and ergonomics that you see from Nikon

Estimated at 1,200 USD I am suspecting that it will not be the price that will hold off buyers, but availability.

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