Yes, But Is It Ready?

ready tagsUPDATE: I’ve been taking quite a bash in the comments for not checking the card prior to formatting. Of course you should always check your card. but the idea here is to know which card is empty (or formatted) before putting it in the camera.

Is this CF card filled yet? I remember using a CF card and then placing it backwards in my pocket. but I am not sure it was this card…. I’ll just format it and hope it did not have the engagement session pics…

OK, this is probably not the way you want to tell your used cards from your empty ones. There are many ways to remember if a CF card or a battery are used. You can use different pockets for empty and full; You can place them in different cases; You can put the batteries in different orientation if they are empty; you can use rubber bands, or…..

DIYP Reader Damon Hair came up with a clever way to tell the used from the ready. He simply puts a small post-it flag on each ready to use piece, and removes the flag just before using it.

ready tags

Here is What Damon Says:

“a very simple idea, but it has worked very well for me to be able to manage this, and not guessing if i have dropped a dead battery back into my bag after a shoot.

when i use the card or battery, i simply throw away the tab, and replace it when i get home and charge or dump the card on the HD.

the tab is also most helpful at removing the CF cards from the gepe card case, it’s a VERY tight fit, and before using these, was a struggle to remove them in a hurry.”