Women Prefer Unretouched Photos Over Fake Photoshop Study Proves

You will not believe the results!

A new survey askes if women prefer how they look in unretouched, natural cell phone pictures or photos taken by a professional portrait photographer with fake Photoshop.

I support real beauty I share beautiful natural selfies not ugly photoshopped portraits

We have all seen the viral posts – studies that prove that women do not like to look like cover models.  We also know that if they use Dove soap women won’t think that they are ugly any more.

But what we wanted to find out once and for all:

Do women prefer unretouched natural cell phone pictures, or photos taken by a professional portrait photographer with fake Photoshop?

Our Real Beauty Study

We took two woman and asked them to participate in a Photoshop study (we tried to get more than two, but only two had enough inner beauty to allow us to post their unretouched selfies).

professional photographer vs selfie;

First, we asked them to look natural and took their pictures with a cell phone.

Blonde with fake photoshop retouching

Then, we had a professional portrait photographer take their pictures and transform them into someone else using fake Photoshop.

professional photographer vs selfie;

Redhead fake photoshop retouched portrait

And guess what – our study conclusively proves what we wanted to know:

Two out of two women prefer unretouched photos over fake Photoshop!

Here Is What Real Woman Had To Say!

Real women share natural unretouched selfies not fake photoshopped portraits

I look totally amazing in the photoshopped photo.  But then I remember that not all woman are as beautiful as me, and it kind of makes me embarrassed that I can look that good.  I don’t want to offend anyone with my radiant beauty.  Of course all women are beautiful, its just that some women are more beautiful than others.  I really didn’t like that they took out the bags under my eyes either.  I was up to 3 am last night making muffins for the kids’ soccer team.  I don’t know why anyone would actually prefer to not look tired.  That’s life and if you can’t deal with it, you’re probably a gross person.  I don’t mind the photoshopped photo, but that’s what I look like everyday when I wear nice clothes and makeup.  I just want to look comfortable – like in real life when I’m watching the Princess Bride in my pajamas eating a bowl of ice cream.

Real women share natural unretouched selfies, not fake photoshopped portraits!

I support real beauty I share beautiful natural selfies not ugly photoshopped portraits

I’ve been married for over 10 years and I stopped wearing makeup and started wearing track suits the day after I got married.  Now that I see how good I can look – I don’t ever want to look like that again.  What if my husband or my family saw that photo?  They might even expect me to start brushing my teeth again!  Its just disgusting how much better I look in the photoshopped photo.  It looks like I had a shower and painted over my face with fake makeup – uggg.  I have three kids, as if that is ever going to happen.  I’m just happy looking like me with as little effort as possible – like in the natural photo.

I support real beauty, I share beautiful natural selfies, not ugly photoshopped portraits!

Do You Support Real Beauty or Fake Photoshop?

Leave a comment below and let us know if you are a gross person that actually likes to look good in photos, or do you support inner beauty and real women by sharing natural selfies and using Dove soap.

  • http://twitter.com/Ms_MWilliams Michelle Williams

    What we really want is to look photo-shopped in real life. Just say’n/

  • Beto Castillo

    to be honest… those ‘professional’ shots aren’t that great to begin with… the look like ‘better than normal’ mugshots.

  • http://twitter.com/ambda Alexander Masters

    @DaveKaiPiper It was a pretty shitty study by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Andrej Milas

    Ugly photoshopped portraits apparently means any picture taken by the light of your bathroom mirror.

  • https://www.facebook.com/francosiciliajr Franco Sicilia Jr

    not my clients.

  • mzungu

    How U only managed to get 2 people to show their mugshots, kind of says a lot about what the result is. 😀 and the fact is, no one would want to pay for the selfies… As for that Dove commercial, I came away seeing a really, really incompetent sketch artist.

  • https://www.facebook.com/vladereign.hyuuga Aldrin Floyd

    PS is like make up, it will make you look beautiful.

  • Mrlz

    Going by the date listed on the article (April 1), some of the quotes in it, and the pretty average “photoshop” (what seem to be poorly photoshopped cellphone shots?) I have to believe this is an april fools joke. Unfortunately not very obvious and not a very good one –

  • https://www.facebook.com/wlverenefan Joe Colpitts

    April fools!

  • https://www.facebook.com/kkrich Kristina Krich


  • Björn

    Nice april fool :-).



  • https://www.facebook.com/courtney.bramer Courtney Bramer

    Nice April Fool’s

  • MEG

    Regardless of whether this was an April Fools post or not, it is stupid and totally beneath DIY Photography. More importantly, it is poorly written. “Woman” is singular and “women” is plural. Just one of the many amateurish mistakes in this article. If you can’t take your own writing seriously, why should the rest of us? This lack of attention to detail seems to be a trend at DIY these days. I’m hoping you decide to turn it around.

  • Jeff

    I am an amateur photographer, but what time I have been shooting, the ladies that I have shot do prefer not to be edited. I state my reasons and they agree. Do the shot right and you dont need post. So many photographers have gotten so used to using photoshop over the yrs, they say I will fix that exposure or whatever in post. Why? Are we photographers or computer generators?

  • Doc Pixel

    So up until my post, no one bothered to read the quoted statements from the women? It’s pure sarcastic satire. Also, the statement is just not true, or why else would a women go to a photographer in the first place, when a “selfie” is all she wants?

    Once again, the world according to idiots that only see things in extreme “black and white” and disregard the beauty of the many tones and shades of gray inbetween for subject and artist. Pun intended!

  • Guest

    These “quotes” are so ridiculously sarcastic!

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ErinTran09/ Erin

    These “quotes” are so ridiculously sarcastic! And a little bit too extreme to be believable.

  • Happydaze

    Is it not a poor world when an April Fool joke cannot be recognised? Those with serious answers are surely taking the joke another step forward? If not….get a life, you are too boring to be breathing.

  • http://www.blurmediaphotography.com/ JP Danko

    It’s well past noon, so I guess the joke it up! No Photoshop was used, I’ll share the lighting and lens setup in a future article, along with how to take the ugliest selfies ever…

  • Anon

    Is this a joke?