This Wireless Camera Control And LiveView DIY Hack Is Only $30

We are big fans of CamRanger, while other options have been around for a while (both DIY and pro) they came up with a well packed product for camera remote control that has all the features you can possibly think about.

This Wireless Camera Control And LiveView DIY Hack Is Only $30

But if you are looking to spend a bit less money, don’t care about appearances and have the extra time to fiddle around, here is an Android driven alternative for $30. This hack from DSLR Film Noob is using an android tablet and a TP-LINK TL-MR3040 wireless router. It does require a bit of firmware hacking, but nothing that exceeds jailbreaking a phone or updating an Xbox.

You would also need a camera controller app for your android, you can use DSLR Controller for Canon and DslrDashboard for Nikon.

Filmnoob reports that this configuration works up to about 30 feet when having line of site

For the full instruction and extremely detailed step by step guide head over to DSLR Film Noob. They also have a little tutorial on how to use the tablet s a field monitor here.

[TP-LINK TL-MR3040 wireless field monitor with DSLR controller via ISO 1200 Magazine]

  • RemoteApp

    I do the same thing for free.
    You only need 2 devices, Tablet + Smartphone with OTG support

    First Make a Wifi Hotspot (Wifi tethering) with your phone, and plug the USB cable. The App should start, select “Server mode”.

    Join the wireless of your phone and fire the app, this should connect as client.

    Works perfect and cheap :)

    • Fab

      What App do you use? This probably won’t work with SDLR Dashboard? (using D800)

  • mateusz

    do somebody finally has an option for sony alpha 7?
    that would be great!sony has it on board but it onlys shoots jpeg….

  • Brian Davies

    Brilliant wireless solution. I’ve done the firmware “upgrade” to the TL-MR3040, and am using it with a Canon 7D and (version1) Nexus 7. It works wonderfully and is my favourite camera accessory by a mile. The WiFi limits the transfer speeds but it isn’t that much slower than a wired connection to be honest, and certainly isn’t a problem. You can tell – I’m impressed!

    • Joseph Clarke

      Brian – I know it has been a while since you wrote this. I have a 7d myself. It works great. I use this for both animal photography, and for video. I just got a second 7d body so I can do multi camera video with interchangeable parts and matching color firmware settings. I have ordered a second mr3040. My assumption is that I will have to set the second router as repeater mode. Just wondering if you use both you cameras simultaneously and if so do you need to use repeater mode?

      • Brian Davies

        Sorry Joseph – don’t think I can help here as I only have one 3040 and haven’t – yet – thought about using a two-camera setup. You’ve got me thinking now, though. I bet the guys at DSLR Controller might have an idea though. If it was just for shutter release, I’d just use my remote triggers in the same way as I trigger multiple flash units.

        Now I definitely want to do this!

        • Brian Davies

          More thoughts… I think you would have run two instances of DSLRcontroller anyway, in order to focus etc the two cameras independently – but the software wouldn’t identify the cameras as two independent devices at present, I don’t think! One method would be to set the two 3040’s to different SSIDs and operate them separately by setting/starting one camera then changing the wifi settings on the remote controller device to the second SSID and setting/starting that camera. For video that would just mean one video would have a few (!) seconds lead-in to where the two recordings would be in time. Bit of a kludge, but I’m sure THAT would work just fine.

          • Joseph Clarke

            The new router arrived today. I am currently charging the battery, then will update the firmware. The latest version of qDslrdashboard does allow for multiple cameras on the same network and does identify which camera to control at the time by just selecting the camera within the app. You can also sync the start/stop of all cameras at once. All this from a single pad. I will let you know what I find.
            By the way, I also find old flash units, remove the hotshoe connector then glue the to the bottom of the routers. Gets the routers on top of the camera with no stress on the cable.

          • Brian Davies

            Sounds like a great solution then! I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes :-)

  • Maarten van Houten

    Unfortunately it is only working with android devices, and not with an Ipad or Iphone. Or is there an app that works with this solution? DSLR Remote and Cam ranger won’t do the job.

  • geedub

    I am having a bit of trouble, tried several times and keep getting a message in DSLR Controller that no compatible camera can be found. Trying to connect to my 5D Mark II.

  • Dan Robinson

    My Nixon D5200 came with a wireless wifi “device” that plugs into the USB port. Then I connect with my iPhone/ipad Nikon app and I have a wireless controller that can view, focus, change settings, and click the shutter.

    The downside? It sucks. (battery) and the range is only a couple of feet.

    P.S. The D5300 has it built in.

  • Esteban

    I have a sony camera, which app can I use ?

  • DSLR Video Studio


  • shantanu

    Querstion is will my TL MR3040 version 2.4 also work with the Firmware for version 2? Does that 4 have no significance. Is anyone sure? I wish I can know before damaging the device…