Winners Of The Monochrome Photograph Contest

TADA! Here are the winners for our Monochrome Photo contest.

First place is Louis Loizides Mitsu who wins a pretty awesome lighting package from Phottix: Phottix Mitros TTL Flash, 60″ Para-Pro Reflective Umbrella, Multi Boom 16″ Flash Bracket.

Winners Of The Monochrome Photograph Contest

Here is Brandon Campeaux comment on selecting this photo: “I chose this photograph as the winner for its technical precision. From afar you’re taken in by an entrancing glance and when you’re up close you discover this amalgamation of textures. I could stare at it for hours and still discover something new. Would make for a beautiful metallic c-print (huge, 72”x72”) on any artist’s wall.

Readers fav photograph by Cedric Quillet wins a prize package from DIY Photography: Bokeh Masters Kit, DIY Ring Flash, Camera Cookie Cutters, Double Flash Bracket

Winners Of The Monochrome Photograph Contest

A huge thanks goes out to Phottix, Brandon Campeaux and Viewbug who have been our partners for this contest. Messages were sent to the winners.

  • Stephen Oravec

    Congrats Louis Loizides Mitsu Great Shot!