The Wing Is A Clever No-Rails Slider


Just when you thought that Slider+ was as awesome as it can get with regards to sliders, comes the Wing.

The wind is a slider, that does not actually look like a slider, it looks more like an articulated robotic arm. The smooth sliding motion is not achieved via moving on rails like traditional slider, but rather via a set of gears that keep the “palm” of the robot leveled while the joint moves up and down.


Knowing Edelkrone, I would be surprised if this is the last of this product, and if I had to take a while guess it is a first unit in a complete moco system. We’ll see.

If my description was not clear enough here is a video from cinema5d showing this clever concept.


Sadly, this is still a concept product so no availability or price yet.

P.S. Edelkrone also kicked off a bunch of other cool devices: a pocket Slider+, a pocket Dolly and a few motion control systems that work with the Slider+.

[cinema5d via ISO 1200]

  • eDameXxX

    Really awesome!

  • fauxshizzl

    That is a great idea. Hopefully they can come up with an automated version that can run on timers.

  • david d

    The only issue with automating this is that the rotation rate has to change based on the position to get a constant linear motion. If constant rotation is used, the linear motion will not be constant.