Win 1 of 5 Fabulous Konstruktor DIY Camera Kits

UPDATE: This giveaway has now ended, jump o the bottom to see if you won.

Our Friends at Lomography are giving away 5 fabulous Konstruktor DIY camera kits. If you have not seen one yet, they are basically wonderful cameras that you build with your own two hands. Go ahead and read our Review. They are just the perfect thing for anyone who loves photography in general and good old film in particular.

Even better! Two lucky winners (our of the random 5) will receive the full Konstruktor super kit, which also includes a close-up lens, a macro lens and a magnifying chimney hood for quick & easy focusing. Raffle is on Sunday, the 20th.


This contest is open to our facebook fans. Here is how to enter: Entering the giveaway is pretty easy. Make you you are a fan of DIYP on facebook, add your email, and click enter below.
Want to better your odds? Follow us on G+ for 3 extra entries. Even more? Share the giveaway with your buddies (there are enough Konstruktors to go around) for even 3 more entries for anyone who comes through your link.

About the awesome Konstruktor

We reviewed the Konstruktor a little while back and we could not be happier. Basically, the Konstruktor is the world’s first 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera.

Here is how the Lomography describers it (and they do a wonderful job):

Perfect for Do-It-Yourself lovers and those interested in learning, understanding and experiencing how analogue photography works, the Konstruktor is a fully-functional 35mm SLR camera which you can easily build at home.

Through the fantastically fun process of assembling this beautiful machine, you’ll learn the essence of photography and be able to shoot wonderfully sharp and vibrant analogue photos. It’s time to take the next step on your exciting photographic adventure and boost your creativity to the max. With the Konstruktor, you don’t just capture analogue beauty, you Konstruct it!

konstruktor-giveaway-05 konstruktor-giveaway-04  konstruktor-giveaway-02 konstruktor-giveaway-03 konstruktor-giveaway-06

The Fine Print

  • This giveaway is international, everybody is welcome to enter.
  • We’ll pay for shipping, you pay for any local taxes, fees and duties.
  • You can only enter this contest if you are legally allowed to.
  • 5 winners will be randomly picked on Sunday, April 20th.
  • We will send the winners an email, if we don’t get a response in two days, we move down the list. (Repeat till completed).
  • No funny business, if you run a script on us, our stealth choppers will find you, not to mention we’ll take you out of the draw.

Good luck to all!

UPDATE: this giveaway is now over. Huge thanks to Lomography again for providing the prizes. Robert Hicks, Siobhan Balkwill, Heather Dawn, David Di Natale & Kimba Weather – check your inboxes, you should be happy :)