Why Fuji’s Newest X100 Firmware Update Is A Step In The Right Direction

Hats off to Fuji for delivering a state of the art firmware update on their two years old X100.

Why Fuji's Newest X100 Firmware Update Is A Step In The Right Direction

Before going into the details and goodies found in the new load, let me say this. The mere fact that Fuji still provides significant updates to their two older customers is an amazing thing. I think it sets a reference points to other camera makers (cough cough, Nikon) and sets the bar higher for anyone in the market. I also think that this is not enough. Here is why.

First, What Do We Get In This Firmware Load

Fuji X100 owners would be glad to get some amazing new features and significant improvement on many other camera aspects. Mathew Maddock did a full analysis of the upgrade and provided a video showing the results (below), If you just want the main features, here they are.

  • Faster AF – up to 20% faster in some conditions
  • Faster start up time
  • New Focus Peaking
  • Some bug fix’n and macro & focus enhancements

Why This Upgrade Is An Amazing Thing

Most vendors will release one or two upgrades in the lifetime of a camera, mostly to divert you from changing system for a feature you lacked. Be it Raw Video, Focus Peaking, Better audio and so on.

On the other hand, we know that camera makers deliver camera way more powerful than their specs. (Canon is a good example for that). The list of features we end up getting is sometimes changed by the marketing team and not by the engineers.

So why would a company release an update that is not going to generate any sales or hold users from moving to another system? If anything this update might slow down the move to Fuji’s X100s.

They do it because they care about their customers. Many of the features that are developed for the “next camera” can work on the “previous camera” because they share a similar processor, similar core software and the camera processor has “room” left to do more.

The only reason not to release an update would be that they lack the resources to back-port and test features. And that should be easily fixed

So Fuji taking the time (how little it may be) to take care of their loyal customers is the right thing to do.

Why Is It Not Enough

It is not enough because Fuji is the only one doing it. I would love this to be industry standard. Release new features on old cameras. I really can’t see why this would be too hard on camera makers

It is not enough because it is too late. Come Fuji, you’ve done good here, you would have done even better if you released this a year ago, or better yet when there were still not upgrade options.

It is not enough becasue the camera can do more. This is just my wild guess here, and since the X100 is not firmware broken yet, we can’t really tell. But I think it is not pushed to the limits yet.

Still with me? send Fuji a virtual smile and go upgrade.

(Fuji X100 photo by Ole.Pophal)

  • Bob

    Could someone explain why it’s called focus peaking and not focus peeking?

    • KTX

      It gives you a signal, when focus peaks (reaches its highest possible value).
      But sure, you peek for that signal, which can lead to confusion

  • Kevin Blackburn

    Plain and simply subliminal marketing That and most people are not educated enough to know these are 2 very different works :-) There is a much deeper more philosophical explanation to the Marketing part but I kept it straight forward to try and reduce this tuning into some kind of insane run on rant

    • 54543ef

      well you look like a moron.. how educated can you be?

  • http://2epicbits.com/ theSUBVERSIVE

    Fuji’s Kaizen is simply refreshing and captivating, it’s the best way of keeping consumers.

    Most of Fuji’s consumers won’t be able to happily go to another company since they will feel the difference in how they care about consumers. They become loyal to the brand and inside, they will be as much as possible to keep buying Fuji as long as they keep competitive.

    Unless another company can offer some must have feat that they don’t feel that Fuji will do soon enough, there is no reason to abandon Fuji. Some of Fuji’s consumers are even spoiled, the system received more relevant and quality lens in 1.5 years than any other system, some became purists and some even complain about the already announced lens that is not out there.

    I really want to go Fuji but there are still some things that I’m weighting over to choose a definitive system.

  • Bill McKenzie

    If only Epson would update the firmware in their P-series storage devices to handle newer RAW files. Way to go Fuji.

  • Steve Roake

    I’ve been a Fuji fan since their S Series DSLR cameras. I finally retired my S-2 last year. From the time they released the S-1 they sought user input & applied it to their development. I have also found their tech support guys to be the best I’ve dealt with.

    I loved my x-100 despite the focus issues, now it is my favorite camera, ever.

  • t k

    ricoh has done similar firmware updates… canon did one on the 7D 3 years in.

  • Andres Vargas

    Great marketing tool, one more good reason to get the X-E2, fuji you just got a new client…. ME!.

  • Tom

    They may care about their digital costumers but they definitely don’t care about their film customers. Discontinuing films as well as Polaroids.