Where Do You Take Your Studio Pictures

Photography Studio @ Home

With the Studio @ Home series going on, I thought that it would be really interesting to share and learn about the “habits” and locations that DIYP readers use as random (or permanent) studio locations. This is the first poll ever on DIYP and I am very exited about it and looking forward to hearing on your photography life.

Some of the setups you have shared on this thread, and more shares are welcomed. However, an image of a setup is not necessary, simply tell us where you improvise your studio. From bedrooms to kitchens, let us know where you shoot. If your place is not on the list, let us by sharing in the comments.

RSS readers, you may have to click the link to vote and view results.

Got some interesting “others” among them the Garage, an office and more rooms (Even a sauna room). Since “the others” can not be displayed on the site, please share your other locations on the comments.