Where Do You Get Your Supplies Fix?

Nuts, Bolts, Dye, Polypropylene, Muslin, PVC. What do all those have in common? They are all supplies for one or more DIY Photography projects.

Some projects are very easy and you can get the stuff for them by digging through your drawers or junk cabinet (If you read this post, you must have one). Other projects require a trip to the store. But which store?

This post is about helping other photographer find what they are looking for and help you find what you are looking for.

The subject of common mails and comments that I receive is asking about where to get the materials for different projects.

Since I do not live in the United States, I don’t always know where to get some of the stuff. DIYP European readers share the same problem; some of the most available supplies in the US are nowhere to be found in Europe.

So, this is where this post comes to the rescue. In the table below, I am going to list some of the more popular projects and the materials that I get allot of questions about. I’d love it if you can help fellow photographers to find some of the stuff. Post the name of your favorite stores, web stores or links to where you get your DIY supplies.

The Flash Mounted homemade DIY Softbox


Polypropylene sheets – Those are kinda like plastic paper. They
sometimes use them to make folders. I get A0 Sized sheets in my local
Office Depot. But it seems that the Office Depot in the US don’t stock them at all. You can
always use cardboard, but it is not as durable. If you know where to get them, hit us in the comments.

The Muslin Photography Backdrop


There are two scarce Items here: the Dye (for non US residents) and the wide fabric.

The problem with fabrics is that they usually come too narrow to function as seamless backdrops. One options is to use bed sheets, another is to buy them wide. If you know where to get wide fabric, post a link in the comments.

As for the dye, if you know what else will work well in a project like this other then RIT Dye, drop a note.

The Ghetto studio and other PVC projects

ghetto_thumb.jpgThis one is a no brainier for US photographers, but nearly impossible for overseas like me.

PVC pipes are quite common; I can take a short trip to the electric store and get them. The hard part is the connectors. T connectors, Elbow connectors, and hardest of them all the three way connector. I could find any of them around and got them all from eBay. If you know of good places to get them, you know…. the comments.

Hey, are you looking for something around your end of the world and can’t find it? post a question in the comments.  

If you post a location in the comments, I and a 100,000 more photographers from all over the world are saying thanks you.

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