What to Carry; How to Pack; Where to Travel

How to Pack: Chase Jarvis has done it again. In a series called Chase Jarvis Tech, the Seattle based photographer let us in on the ins and outs (literally) of his photography bags. In this video Chase give us the packing angle. (And as always it is fun to see what’s in the pro’s bag. You can start drooling now)

If you are a photographer on the go, always going from one place to another enjoying them fancy airport lounges this is definitely the vid for you (it beats the hell of caring your gear in a gun case).

What to Carry: David Tejada let us have a peek into his gear case. This is the first in a series, showing the camera bag. This is the second item covering the lighting gear.

Where to Go: So basically you are on your won with this one. Let me suggest a warm place where you can pass the winter in shorts. Australia.

It’s a long flight – here is Chase’s long version of the clip:

Loved the vids? Stop by Chase and David and let them know. The blog addresses in on the bottom.

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