Weekend Project – Make Patterned Photographs Of Computer and Glass

Glass with computer generated backgroundSteve Hermitage who made it a point to create and share wonderful photography home projects, like the bubble world that was featured here before, just released another great weekend project. So if he forecast is rainy and it looks like you are about to stay home. Get a bottle of wine and two glasses. one for you and one for the camera. Here is one fun project for this weekend.

Using a computer screen Steve created simple patterns which he then uses to shoot empty glasses of wine. The way the glass breaks and distorts the light creates interesting poppy patterns.

Glass with computer background

Being the kind chap that Steve is, he also made a video explaining the process.

I love the creative use of V-card to hold the window reflections back. This is probably needed also to block all the barbecue smoke coming from behind 😉

See more of Steve’s work on his YouTube Channel and his Flickr.