Website Responds To Infringement Claim By Paying 15kg of One-Penny Coins

Website Responds To Infringement Claim By Paying 50kg of One-Penny Coins

UPDATE: apparently some one at The Kernel noticed the buzz the video was generating. So it is now set to private, which means it is not viewable anymore.

With videos being so common, we’ve seen our share of how papers who infringe copyrights handle the situation. If the paper is smart they will (grant a bit but) accept an invoice and be done with it.

If they are extremely deaf or have no understanding of how the nets work nowadays, they will make a video ranting about the photographer, then change 60 pounds into 15 kilos worth of pennies and go and hand them to the photographer.

As wild as this may sound this is how The Kernel handled infringing Charles Arthur’s photograph.

The Kernel ran a story about Charles using his picture without asking. While the video is a bit blurry on how negotiation for compensation went, The Kernel ended up deciding to pay Charles his 60 pounds in 6,000 one penny coins. I don’t think this is cool or funny. Do you?

[via Simon Pollock]