Watching A Ball Hit Glass At 10,000,000 FPS Is Like Stopping Time

Over the years we featured quite a bit of slo-mo footage, but I think that this one breaks the record with an astounding 10 million (10,000,000) FPS movie of a small ball hitting glass.

The camera is so fast that it looks as if the ball is not even moving.

The movie was created with the HyperVision HPV-X Camera of Shimadzu. If you were wondering, the camera (including the power unit) weighs about 11.5 kilos and can only take 256 conservative photos @ a horrible resolution of 400×250 at that mode.

[via SPLOID]

  • joe_average

    neato! I wonder what lighting was used. I work with a photron sa1 at 250k fps at 128×80 and lighting is always challenging. 400×250 horrible resolution? ha, I would love all those extra pixels!

  • asds

    Frames per second retard.