Watch These Random Light Painting Doodles Defy The Laws Of Physics

If you’ve ever given any thought to the optics behind (inside?) your camera you know that reflections should be identical to what they reflect.

Watch These Random Light Painting Doodles Defy Physics

This is obviously not the case with this photo by the Light Club. In what seems to defy the laws of optics, this single exposure displays an angelic figure sitting on a chair and a devilish reflection from a puddle on the floor. Here is the thing, this photo is SOOC (Strait Out Of Camera). If you think you know the answer hit the jump for the BTS video. (Here is a hint for you: Single exposure, F?, iso 100, 227 sec)

[Light Painting Process #27 (Duality by the Light Club) via Wen-Jié Yang]

P.S. Still not satisfied? Here you can Learn To Light Paint Like A Ninja with 10 BTS tutorials.

  • Thiago Souza

    Thats kinda easy to figure out… Block the upper part of the lens for the lowest part of the image, and the inverse for the upper part 😉

    • Kay O. Sweaver

      Exactly. Back in the film days I’d do light paintings with multiple elements by putting some black cloth over the lens between setups.

  • Paul Danger Kile

    There is nothing random about this.