Watch As This Wiley Fox Quenches It’s GoPro Craving, Eats Fallen Camera

The curios fox has a craving for cameras.

Look at the smug face of a curios fox as it delights in having found a GoPro to eat.

In an open letter of sorts, a photographer from Open Lens Productions penned a request to GoPro subtly hinting the company gift him a new GoPro after his Hero 3+ met an untimely demise while in use on a wildlife filming expedition with the University of Alaska Anchorage. The photographer was in the middle of filming sea lions when he caught a glimpse of nearby fox. With good intentions and hoping to get some nice close up footage, the photographer tossed his beloved GoPro into the grass. What he wasn’t expecting was for the fox to pick the camera up and walk off with it…

Join the fox as he takes the GoPro on an adventure of his own, giving the photographer and filmmaker some once in a lifetime footage:

The photographer immediately assumed the worst, thinking he camera was lost for good. After eight minutes of searching, however, the camera was recovered. Unfortunately, the fox had scalped it and left in pieces…


As PetaPixel reports, all the camera parts were recovered so if you were worried about the fox’s health, it appears that it didn’t actually consume the camera. As for the camera, the photographer reports that it still turns on and records, but it will obviously need some repairs.

[via PetaPixel | Youtube ]

  • Len Cook

    It’s not wiley, it’s wily. Wiley is a proper name, not an adjective. And it’s not it’s, it’s its when it’s the possessive.

    • Frank

      For example: “IT’S a real pain-in-the-ass the way people get all bent-out-of-shape about the grammar on this site.”

  • Ad De Ste Croix

    Hannah Mesquitta, at least a better ending than being scratched in a handbag! :p

  • ext237

    That’s gonna void your warrantee.

    • Len Cook

      That should be that’s going to void your warranty

  • jason bourne

    Takes a licking, but keeps on ticking.