Walter White Goes To Space With a GoPro (Hello Kitty, Roby and Legoman join)


Up until not long ago getting a camera to space was a pretty big deal. With time we got cheaper cameras capable of taking decent footage, we developed lots of resources on getting a weather balloon up in space. So now taking aerial footage of earth from space is not such big of a deal. Unless of course, you are taking Walter White with you.

The team at tvtag wanted to make a viral video (which they did) so they loaded a bobble-head Walter White doll to go along with their gopro to space.

At the peak of Walter’s 6 hours journey Walt braved speeds of 95 mph, temperatures as low as -65F, and a maximum altitude of 85,000 feet (that is almost 26km for the metric folks).

What started as a bumpy ride, ended up when Walter hit max altitude and his balloon broke.



Walter’s body was recovered about 250 miles from where he was kicked into space, sadly his head was separated from his body


But Walter is not the only celebrity gone to space, here are some more balloon veterans:

Hello Kitty

Roby The Robot

The Man From Lego

Natural Light Beer (if you consider beer a celebrity)

  • PJ Hunt

    As an amateur high altitude balloonist, I’d just like to point out that no of these HAB’s went to space. Space is accepted to be 100km from the surface of earth. HAB’s enter the stratosphere, not space. However they are great achievements nontheless…

    • Wes Jones

      Are FAA permits required? It seems that these could be dangerous to air traffic.

  • Rick
  • vtmiller

    Great post… don’t forget my buddy’s Jon Martin at #RVA’s Sticky Rice Sushi flight