Wall Of Fire Light Painting Follow Up

A few weeks back we shared Van Elder‘s post about how to create a wall of fire for light painting. It looked something like this:

How To Create A Wall Of Fire

Both Van Elder and myself were asked lots of questions so he came up with two follow up posts that explain some of the pitfalls and keys to make such a photo-shoot a success.

On the first post Van Elder talks about camera settings, speed of movement, post production and some other assorted tips. Here is the exposure chart he made (since this is a bulb exposure only ISO and aperture count)

Wall Of Fire Light Painting Follow Up

On the second post Van Elder goes DIY and explains how to make a fire painting poll device to hold the Kevlar rope. The build is simple yet genius using two painter polls gaffertaped together. If you were aiming for a dead on straight wall, it’s great. The device also allows for various weird angles of smearing the firewall across the picture. + It’s probably way safer than holding a dangling piece of flaming wire.

Lastly, in a weird coincidence, Benjamin Von Wong used a similar technique to fire painting an artsy dog. As usual Ben does a great job at breaking the ingredients of technique. The tips at the end of the clip are valuable if you are going to try this at home.

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