Vintage Color Cross Processing in Lightroom 4

Vintage Color Cross Processing in Lightroom 4

If you like that cross processed look that you get with using instagram, but would rather to use a DSLR to shoot rather than the iPhone, the guys over at SLR Lounge has a sweet video tutorial for you.

The video covers how to use the Lightroom curves tool to get a cross-processed vintage look on an image.

This video is actually a sample clip from a bigger collection of Lightroom 4 tutorials released by SLR Lounge. It is the most complete video tutorial I’ve seen to date and although I’ve been using Lightroom from version 2, I got some nuggets from almost each episode. (yes, it’s a pitch)

If you want the fine details, the Lightroom 4 A to Z guide has about 130 Video Tutorials and nearly 14 hours of content. (I am about 3/4 through, and enjoying every bit).

This digital download DVD is usually $99, but the kind folks at SLR Lounge gave DIYP readers a coupon code for 10% off. Use the code SLR10 at checkout.

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    You are really good at explaining. Good work, nice effect, thanks!