Videographer Flies Drone Straight Into Fireworks, Looks Better Than Blasting The Death Star

If you are not tired from watching fireworks footage, here is something I don’t think was seen before. Videographer Jos Stiglingh took his DJI Phantom 2 along with a GoPro Hero 3 silver and flew them right into a fireworks show. Some of the footage is shot above the action, but some of the footage is shot with sparkles and debris flying around the camera (see the first photo after the jump).

I don’t actually think there is another way of obtaining such footage. And while I can’t vouch for the safety of such practice (either of the drone or of the spectators) Jos reports that the drone was unharmed. 







The results are staggering and are in a close match to the footage of blasting the death star. If only George Lucas had drones back in the days.

[Fireworks filmed with a drone via gearjunkie h/t Stefan]

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  • Kimmy84

    Very cool. I hope the videographer alerted the authorities prior. I see a whole lot of copycats now flying thier RC helicopters into fireworks now.

    This looked to be over water, so even if the “drone” was damaged, there was little chance of anyone or thing being hurt, but I see others not thinking that far in advance.

    • ext237

      Its amazing how dangerous these RC helicopters have gotten. All of a sudden anyone using one needs to “alert the authorities”.

      People were using flammable liquid to propel RC helicopters with metal blades back in the 70’s. Gunpowder propelled aluminum rockets with metal 35mm cameras inside back in the 60’s. Where are the articles about death, mayhem, and fireballs back then?

      But OMG beware of plastic helicopters.

  • Ryan Conway

    Amazing RT Videographer Flies Drone Straight In2 Fireworks, Looks Better Than Blasting The Death Star

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  • Dan McQuade

    That is some awesome footage.

  • Amaryllis

    A-ma-zing. Love it, thanks for sharing :)

  • cinesinner

    Played in reverse it would be even bettar. Wish the city weren’t in the backround though.

  • jason bourne

    Very cool video… But I could do without the music.